Advanced Treatements

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Hifu Treatments

HIFU is the latest, and fastest non-surgical way to facelift. This treatment is a non-surgical alternative to combat the mild, moderate or early signs of ageing.   more  

Dermapen treatments

Dermapen treatments focus on improving the health of the skin by triggering the skin’s natural healing response to rebuild the skin to a better standard than before.  more  

LED Light Therapy

LED therapy uses various wavelengths of light to treat aging lines and acne. They are very safe for regular use as they do not contain ultraviolet rays.  more  

MeLine Depigmenation Treatment

Meline is the only brand specializing in treatments for hyperpigmentation. Meline have developed separate products to treat both melasma and lentigines. Each product contains a spe...  more  

Infrared Slimming Tunnel

Infrared Slimming Tunnel with Electrode pack & Patching is a cutting-edge slimming solution that combines infrared energy and electrostimulation for effective fat reduction and bod...  more  

Fibroplast Pen Treatment

Fibroplast Plasma pen non-surgical treatment for wrinkles, collagen loss, and sagging skin  more